Monday, June 7, 2010

Who needs Hell?

Ever since our local Hell pizza outlet closed down I've had to make do with Dominos.
Don't get me wrong, Dominos is good ... but it's not exactly gourmet.

What's a girl to do?

Make her own gourmet pizzas!!

Admittedly it's not as quick as ordering pizza, especially as I make my own bases ... but the end product is so worth it.

Tonight I made the classic brie/cranberry/chicken pizza as well as a poor man's "Brimstone" - chicken, chilli sauce, sour cream, onion. Yum.

Best of all there was enough left over for lunch tomorrow : )

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Baby On Board, Don't Beep.

One day while driving home from work my boyfriend and I pulled up behind a car.

A car that had a sticker on the back that read "don't beep, baby on board".

Now I understand that people might have to have a "baby on board" sticker so that if there's a car crash or the car unexpectedly bursts into flames then the firemen or policemen will then know to look for this precious bundle of joy.

However, I could not help but wonder, where did those parents get off expecting people not to beep just because their little angel was asleep.

Now I was prepared to just have that mini rant in my head and let it go, until my boyfriend pointed it out.

And in pointing it out he unleashed the fury.

Seriously, though, when you live in a huge city with what feels like a billion cars hurtling down motorways, speeding through urban streets and racing round roundabouts, how can you expect people not to beep?? What shall we do if we see another car about to crash into us? Shall we whisper ever so quietly "excuse me, but I fear you haven't used your side mirrors or looked over your shoulder before merging into my lane as it seems you're about to do a thousand dollars worth of damage to my car". Or perhaps we should hold up a sign saying "please don't break suddenly again for no reason as i'm scared that next time I will run into your cars bum and potentially have my legs crushed by my steering column".

On top of that, if they're so serious about their baby not waking up from it's peaceful little sleep, what the hell are they doing bringing it into the middle of the city!?!!?! Loonies rant on side corners, hormone ridden teens yell at each other saying things like "see you later" or "you love so n so" or "i'm going to f****n punch you if you don't shut up", people with too much cash and not enough brains rock round in souped up cars with the bass pumping so loud your own car vibrates in a nearly pleasurable way. ... my point being: a baby could sleep through all of that ruckus, but it could not sleep through one harmless little beep?

A harmless little beep that could be used to save that little baby from being whammed into by another car???

Fine then. Baby on board, don't beep. When i see that truck not seeing you while crossing into the next lane, I'll make extra sure i pay attention to your officious little sign and do exactly what it says.

I won't beep.