Saturday, September 11, 2010

Life without clothes shopping

I love clothes shopping.

I love buying clothing from Trade Me.
I love browsing through vintage stores, taking in that fusty old smell and imagining who would've worn the really ugly tartan skirt in an unflattering a-line style.
I love buying new cheap t-shirts from Glassons and Valley Girl.
I love it when the girls at Jeans West treat me like a doll and have me trying on lots of things I'd never wear in a million years.


Yes I am bloody shallow but I'm ok with that.

However something changed the other day. or maybe in was had an article about saving money. And it turns out not buying clothing for a whole year is a good way of doing that.

It got me thinking about my two wardrobes stuffed with clothing (and shoes and handbags and scarves). It got me thinking about how my clothing has started to infiltrate my husbands drawers and how piles of clothing litter our bedroom and our spare room. Then it got me thinking that maybe I ought to give not shopping for a year a try. That thought scared the bejeesus out of me. But I do like a challenge.

SO, i do decree that as of January 1st I will not buy any clothing (shoes don't count, nor do handbags) for one whole year. The only TWO exceptions are one, if i go to the Gold Coast to see the family, cause apart from eating and seeing the family the only other thing to do over there is shop. And the second exception would be if I was to get pregnant, then i'd have to buy maternity jeans and billowy tops.

OH! Third exception, if someone buys me clothing as a present.

One year without new or used clothing entering my home. Thank God I've got two and a half months to prepare.