Sunday, November 6, 2011

Vintage Love

It's no secret that I love vintage.
Vintage cutlery.
Vintage vases.
Vintage furniture.
But most of all I love vintage clothing.
My love of vintage began at the age of 16 at a big old barn of a shop in Christchurch city, Tasman Traders.
It was there I bought my first velvet blazer and a brown and white paisley shirt.
Years later I discovered Tete A Tete and spent many hours looking and trying on.  I still have a couple of the cutest 60's tops ever and a fabulous skirt that I like to pop on every now and then.  And I still dream about the one that got away.  A gorgeous orange long evening dress.  That almost fitted me.  Almost.  Damn my bodacious bust.  Sigh.
In Wellington I lived down the road from a very cool vintage shop, which eventually closed down, but I love the black ladies handbag I bought from there.
When I moved to Auckland I discovered Trade Me and it's been there that most of my recent vintage finds have come from.  (I've only recently been brave enough to venture up to K Road, which isn't scary at all, don't know why I thought it was)  Anyway,  the purchase below is my absolute favourite.  It makes me feel like a lady (especially when teamed with my vintage lady bag)

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Bloom of Happiness

I received a bunch of flowers unexpectedly today.
They were given with no rhyme.
With no reason.
They were given 'just because'.
I think this is the best way to give flowers.
I am happy.