Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rainy Day Musings

It's raining.
It's pouring.
I'm finding this day boring.
I've had a coffee.
And a cake.
And the housework I'm ignoring.

Yep.  It's one of those days where I sit on the couch and stare at stuff and let the mind meander.

"My Christmas tree is pretty.
I can't believe I used to hate Christmas.
Well it was never the best time of year.
And it's not like working in a job where the lead up to Christmas is pressured makes it any better.
Still you like it now and you're in the same job.
Ah well, there's that theory blown.
Hmmm.  I should take pictures of the pretty decorations.
I wish I could take great pictures.
They're always blurry.
Or the flash makes stuff look funny.
Or everything goes blurry when I take the flash off.
What's that about?
Shaky hands.
I wish my hands were more steady.
Nervy child.  Nervy adult.
Oh well.
Let's take some pictures anyway.
Who cares if they're shit."