Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Art of Waking Up

When was the last time you really enjoyed waking up?

I don't know about you but until recently the moment my alarm went off I was a) out of bed and in the shower in a blink of an eye all geared up to do whatever had to be done that day whether it be work/housework/visiting/shopping ... or I would b) hit the alarm's snooze button the second it went off then spend the next 10 minutes semi sleeping while dreading the inevitable return of the beep beep beep.

Either way it wasn't a very satisfying way to wake up.

Then came along Miss Daisy and she taught me how to enjoy waking up again.

When Miss Daisy wakes up she slowly starts to stir.  Her head moves this way and that.  Her eyelids slowly flutter open before slowly fluttering shut again.  She reaches one hand up and stretches before lowering it again.  Then the other hand rises up to stretch, then is lowered again.  Then they're both brought up for a stretch and at the same time her legs stretch out.  And then she opens both eyes.

She looks well rested.  She looks peaceful.  She looks good.  And if she catches my eye as I gaze down at her she smiles.

So instead of waking up and rushing rushing rushing I now take the time to stretch, to slowly awaken my body to a new day.  It's a little bit of bliss in an otherwise busy day.


  1. How delightful. Admittedly, I have never embraced mornings. I actually have nothing against mornings per se; I'd just prefer they happened after lunch. ;-)

  2. Heehee, I used to feel like that. Now I get grumpy when the neighbours are making noise on a Friday and it's my bedtime - look at the clock, 8.48pm. : )