Sunday, August 19, 2012

Born to Pose

The other day my little miss was looking extra cute (in my eyes anyway) whilst sleeping in her car seat.   So I thought I'd better get a couple of pics for posterity.

I picked the camera up and the flash thingy, realising it was a bit dim, popped up and BAM the little miss smiled.

It was like she knew a camera was trained on her.  Here's proof ...

I couldn't believe my eyes!  She even held the smile for three pictures.  And then she got grumpy and did the 'no to the paparazzi' hand thing.

I spoke to a few other mums and dads and they'd had the same experience.  The camera comes out, the baby smiles.  It got me wondering ...

... are all babies born Kardashians?

In other words, are they all born to see or hear a camera and immediately put on their best face?  Lord knows you don't see ugly baby pictures that much these days.  Although that's probably thanks to that delightful wee trash can symbol featured on cameras and computers everywhere.

I think I'll miss ugly baby photos though.  In the olden days there were lots of them.  It's what you got when you had a film that took 24 photos and once taken they could never be taken back.  And considering the cost of processing you weren't exactly going to throw those babies in any trash can.

I won't lie, the little miss has had a few ugly photos taken so far.  Clearly my fault, I haven't got her angles or the light right.  Bad Mum.  But I'm going to keep them and in 20 years and 10 months I'll pop them right smack bang in the middle of a photo board, right in the middle of all those Kardashian-styled posed photos, for all her friends to see.  Evil Mum (mwahahahahaha).

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