Sunday, October 10, 2010

Breaking the news

Today I went into the wonderful Jeans West on Queen Street to buy new jeans to replace my beloved Tsubi's. I ended up going for the 'buttlifter flare' - very nice, very kind on the butt.

While there they tried to get me to buy another pair of jeans "2 for $100". I said no, I have more jeans than I need, in fact I have too many clothes, two wardrobes, half a duchess and a floors full worth. They then suggested I peruse the two for $35 tops, which I did until I remembered that I have too many tops.

Back at the counter I then had to break the news that next year they will not see me as I will not be buying any clothing at all (barring the Aussie trip). They took the news well. In fact i suspect they could've cared less, though they did their best to appear interested. I love their staff, so well trained and so good at their jobs.

I'm so going to miss them next year.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The summer of salad and spuds

My dearly beloved told me the other night that he would happily eat salads five nights a week. Which is awesome because I'm getting into this whole nutritious faze where I want to actually eat 5+ a day.

Then the other morning I woke up with a craving for a hawaiian baked potato - basically a baked potato smothered in coleslaw, pineapple, ham and a little cheese and sour cream. So I made it and it was divine!

Then I got to thinking about how few dishes you use when you make a baked potato and a salad and how much happier my husband would be if he didn't have to wash loads of pans and utensils every day.

With all these thoughts and ideas swirling in my head it all became very obvious ...

This summer we are eating baked potatoes or salads, with the odd fancy meal thrown in.

So tonight I'm making nacho mix (beans, mince, herbs and spices) and we'll have nachos tonight, but tomorrow night i'll use the leftovers to make a mexican baked potato - YUM!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

A clothing disaster!!

I love my Tsubi jeans. Love love love!
They were bought for a bargain A$90 reduced from $300 and they have served me well.
Until now.
I noticed this week the zip was a bit gammy but thought nothing of it.
Then last night I discovered that the zip wasn't gammy it was BROKEN!!!! And I'd be unknowingly flashing my knickers to my workmates and my suburb for the last week.
But what guts me THE MOST is that there is no point in replacing the zip as holes are appearing in the inner thighs and on the bum.
Yes I'm still allowed to buy clothing for another three months BUT I was hoping my jeans would see me through the no-clothes-draught til the end of next year.

*sigh* now I have to go find a pair of boyfriend jeans that don't make me look like I've got an elephants arse.