Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Macarons are not Macaroons.

I love macaroons.
All that chocolaty biscuity coconuty goodness.
They were such a treat when you were a kid.  A change from chocolate chippies or krispie biscuits.  Up there with Mallowpuffs.

Even as an adult I still find myself feeling decadent when buying them.

Then, along came macarons!  Pretty dainty pastel coloured things filled with exotic flavourings.  Fancy!!

And even more expensive than macaroons!

I had to try them.  And try them I did.

While holidaying in Australia my sister and I lost our macaron virginity with a macaron tasting!  A degustation if you will ... look!!!

There was also a pistachio flavoured macaron, that was eaten first.

I ate all 6 flavours, she conquered 4.

They were fab!  All crunchy and chewy and creamy.  My favourite was the chocolate.  Least favourite was raspberry, it was too raspberry jammish.

I'm so glad that they don't have boxes of these (made in France!) boxes of macarons in NZ.  At least not that I've seen.  If they did I would end up living on them, which probably wouldn't be too healthy.

Next step, making my own macarons!  I'll continue to buy macaroons.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Show us ya growler!

I'm not going to show you my growler.
I value her privacy too much.
But let's just say she's about 5"3.
Has beautiful big brown eyes.
Cheekbones I'd kill for.
And we once shared the same last name.

Yep, I'm talking about my sister - and she is my growler.

Recently I visited her in Oz and she gave me a wee telling off for not updating my blog more regularly.

What can I say ... she's right.  I've been slack.  But I've been baby-obsessed and I didn't want to bore anyone with baby blather.

Since my visit to Oz stuff has happened.
Actually stuff happened in Oz.  My sister and I ate macarons for the first time.  I'll blog about that when I find my camera which has a picture of the macarons.

Yes, I've lost my camera - it'll be around somewhere.  But one of the other things to happen is that I've moved further out of Auckland to a beautiful area with a view of the sea and of sunsets.  In the process I put my camera somewhere so special that I can't find it.  Oh well, it'll turn up and when it does I'll take pictures of said sunsets and seaviews and blog about those.

Yep, no baby blather here ... just boring old sunsets, food and plenty of waffle.

Hope this post makes you happy sis xoxo