Saturday, November 27, 2010

I think my cat is a hippy

It has come to my attention of late that my cat - Mr Alfred Mao (not like Chairman it's just the sound he makes) - is a hippy.

While other cats are off hunting birds at this time of year my cat is hunting plastic bottle tops.

Lord knows why but he loves them

I often hear the catflap bang followed by the frantic mao's of a cat who has caught a bird and wants you to know how amazing he/she is.

However we are not presented with a feathered friend in the last throws of life, we are presented with a plastic top. Normally the blue rings you'll find attached to a bottle of milk, but most recently a purple top - lord knows where it came from.

We then have to praise Maofraido for his mighty hunting abilities before he bats it about like other cats play with a dying bird.

We wonder if he's had an altercation with a bigger stronger birdie?

But if he hasn't it begs the question, is my cat a hippy?
Or is he just a pussy?