Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I've caught royal wedding fever! AKA Playing dress ups is fun!!

I'm a big fan of playing dress ups.

A while ago I read an article with someone (Lord knows who, the old memory goes blank), but they talked about how when they got out of bed they liked to dress up to a theme and pretend they were someone else.

This struck a chord with me and since then every now and then I wake up and go 'today I'm going to be .....'

Some of my favourite outfits are:

The Fat Out Of Work Ballerina - a black bodysuit with a flippy twirly skirt and ballet flats, often combined with a lightweight knit shrug for when the aircon at work runs cold.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show Mary - High waisted flares with a gorgeous purple flimsy shirt, teamed with 70's chunky heels.

French Miss - quite simply a breton top with black pants (not seen since about 7kgs ago, but still a favourite)

My latest addition?  The Kate Middleton.

Inspired by her love of navy, inspired by her simple tastes.  And inspired by the budget of a radio copywriter.

Quite simply, a navy frock.  Simple black flats (yes she wears heels but she doesn't have to get up and down thirty times a day to voice ads/grab scripts/put scripts in trays/find cds/etc) and a simple piece of bling to fancy it up.  Oh, I also actually blow dried and semi straightened my hair for that relaxed yet styled look (it looked good 11 hours ago).  The only thing I didn't do?  Wear lipstick.  I just forgot.  Anyway after a hard days work the husband took a pic of me ... I think I'll offically call this the old, tired, haggard, with a wicked five-fingered-forehead, Kate Middleton look ...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Shallow and Proud! ... (kinda)

Today I added to my diamond collection.

It's a very small diamond collection.

Consisting of a few very small diamonds.

I have small diamond earrings, a small diamond necklace and today I add to that collection a small diamond dress ring.

(Now potential burglars before you get excited when I say small I mean SMALL, my diamonds wouldn't pay for a P hit.)

Yes they're small but I love them anyway.

Every time I add a new piece to the collection I'm filled with glee.  It's like it's my birthday all over again.  And I guess that means I'm shallow.  Actually I know I'm shallow.

Yes I know there are starving children out there.  Yes I'm aware that Mother Nature is pissed at us for disrespecting her good self.  Yes I know that there are dancing bears whose lives are made miserable by evil bastards intent on making money.   And you know what?  I do actually care.  But I figure if I spent every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year of every decade worrying and feeling bad for those less fortunate I'd become a gibbering wreck.  So instead I stop and care every now and then.  I give money when I'm confronted with a collector.  I make a point of recycling as much as possible.  And I try not to support those who abuse an animal in the name of entertainment (although I'm sure the hardcore greenies out there would consider my love of fashion shows animal abuse due to the sheer amount of leather/fur/feathers etc often found at them).

But what do I do with the majority of my time?  I be shallow.  I admire beautiful shoes.  I desire gorgeous frocks.  And most of all I look down at my small sparkly diamonds and I smile.

I may be shallow, but at least I'm happy.

Friday, April 1, 2011

A rose by any other name.

I may have just butchered some poor sods line.  I'm not sure.  I'm not big on the remembering.  I envy those who are.  If only I could remember what happened yesterday, a week ago, three years ago, then I might be better at winning arguments.  Alas I have the memory of a really cheap sieve so things just go in one ear, get processed, then go out the other.  On the upside I'm a very forgiving person.

"He/she said what?  I can't believe it!  I'm so angry!  I'll never forgive them!"

One hour/two days/three months later:

"Love her/him!  Fabulous!  Excellent human being!"


Anyway.  This is just a post to post the photo of flowers I bought the other day.  Vintage roses they're called, I think (can't remember!) but they're gorgeous and I was lucky to find them as people (apparently according to the florist) think they're all old and ready to die as they have a brown tinge to them.  Which is clearly wrong because one week on they're blooming beautifully, unlike my memory.