Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Paranoid Parent

About a month ago Daisy started to cough a wee bit.  Hack hack.  Hack hack.
No biggie I thought, no reason to get stressed.  Probably just caused by extra saliva since she's teething and it'll be catching in her throat.  All good.  Nothing to worry about here.  Let's not get paranoid Kellie.

And so I didn't.  Well, I tried my best.

You see I'm not a fan of being paranoid about every little thing when it comes to child raring.  The Plunket brochure said puree but I went with chunky mash and Daisy preferred it.  Didn't choke.  Didn't freak out.

I didn't have her in woollen hats and socks from day dot and she came out of the newborn stage fine.

I don't use eco friendly laundry powder (have you seen the price of it!?!?) and her skin isn't ravaged by redness.

And the only time she wears organic cotton is when someone else buys it for her.

I'm just not that paranoid that every little thing has to be perfect or she'll die.  But then there was that cough ... hack hack, hack hack hack.

Fast forward to the day before yesterday and that cough intensified a little.  Hack hack hack hack hack. It's time to call Plunketline.  They put me onto Healthline.  Who advise a trip to the doctor within the next three days.

Paranoia strikes.  What if she's dying?  What if her lungs aren't right?  I'm the worst mother ever!!  Damn my lackadaisical parenting!

The Doctor:  Her tonsils are slightly inflamed she may have had a touch of tonsillitis.  Keep breastfeeding as long as you can.

Me to Doctor:  Damn right I'll keep breastfeeding as long as I can, it's great for my weight!

So what did I learn from all this?  Well I guess there's being a paranoid parent.  Then there's being a parent who knows when to be paranoid.

What's that Mummy?  You DON'T wash my clothes in eco-friendly powder?  You mean cow!

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