Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hi Baby!

When my wee girl was a few weeks old she used to laugh in her sleep.  Big happy hearty laughs.  It used to wake me up and give me a 'what the?' moment as she never ever laughed out loud while she was awake.  And although I was sure I was hearing what I was hearing, I didn't really believe she could laugh in her sleep until one day she'd fallen asleep on my knee then suddenly grinned and giggled her wee sleeping head off.

Then last night I woke up to hear this loud "Hi!!!!" coming from the bassinet beside me.

"Hi!!!!"  Clear as a bell.  Not a 'iiiii', there was an 'h' preceding the 'iiiii!!!'.

What the????

I went back to sleep and woke up quite sure it must've been a dream.  (I've often gotten up in the middle of the night to answer the door dead sure someone had knocked on it only to find the stoop empty, so imagining dream stuff is real is not unusual for me.)

Anyway later this afternoon my husband mentioned he'd woken up to hear Daisy saying "Hi!!!!".

I wasn't dreaming!

The wee dot (four months and one week old) spoke in her sleep!

So now I have a theory that babies dream about doing stuff the way we dream about doing stuff.  You know, like how I once dreamt about flying superman style. Which gave me a rude awakening when I punched my fist into the wall as I shot forward in my dream.  I didn't break the wall.  Or my fist.

I guess what I'm trying to get at (in my long winded completely unscientific way) is that Daisy was dreaming about saying "Hi!" to us and actually said it out loud in her sleep.  And that babies use dreams to get ready to say and do stuff for real before that really do say and do stuff for real in the real middle-of-the-day world.  (Most convoluted hypothesis ever.)

This theory is based on two things a baby has done, but there are millions of test subjects out there and I can't help but wonder if any other mums have had that same kind of experience with their wee ones ...

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