Friday, September 14, 2012

No Internet? No worries.

I've just spent 24 hours without the interwebs to keep me company.

I was left with very idle hands so I thought 'I know, I'll bake bread!'

Problem.  My no fail bread recipe is saved in my favourites on my web browser which requires the internet for me to see it.

Solution.  I'll wing it!!!

So I got down to business doing my best remembering to make a loaf of bread.  As I had time to ponder I pondered about how much fun it was watching the yeast do it's thing ...

Little yeasty bubbles ...

Grow ...

 And grow some more ...

Til they're all puffy and floopy and ready to be mixed with flour and made into dough.

Now usually I'm a big fan of kneading my own dough but I decided it was time to test out the hook on 'the beast'.  Look at this photo - all menacing like and beasty!!

Now look at it knead!!

And knead!!

Knead my pretty!!!

Then after a goodly amount of rising and then baking in the oven this came out ....

And it tasted mighty fine ...

PS.  No internet no worries?  Pfft.  I was a wreck!

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